From our founding in 1963 to today, Print Craft has strived to provide the utmost in quality custom printing services to our customers.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s as the gaming and software industries exploded into the retail market, Print Craft was there to help innovate with packaging solutions. We have built our robust in-house production facility by adding offerings other printers need to outsource.

For additional information on our core offerings, explore in more detail below!





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Annual Reports, Books, Brochures, Buckslips, Coupons, Fundraising Campaigns, Postcards, Posters, Magazines, Mailers, Newsletters, Signage, Tags…the list goes on and on!

We collaborate with your business – and your designers, marketers and agencies – to ensure your business can grow using our commercial print services. You have many choices in the Commercial Print Market. We know that, which is why we are proud when our customers call our employees “Craftspeople”.

Please browse through the Commercial Print Gallery to see projects we are particularly proud to have manufactured for our customers.



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In addition to commercial printing, packaging is where Print Craft has always set itself apart. We started our packaging production with a little customer called Atari. Our partnership helped us innovate and evolve into the packaging experts we are in the market today.

Our services include CAD design, custom printing, die-cutting, embossing/debossing, folding, gluing, printing over foil, laminating and silk-screen UV coating. We help make your packaging unique and stand out on the shelf. Here are just a few of our most popular markets:

  • Media…CD, DVD,LP
  • Medical
  • Cosmetics
  • Gaming
  • Pets and Products
  • Software
  • Retail
  • Non-Contact Food
  • Gift Card & Carriers

Because we accomplish all of this in-house, our team has the knowledge to always steer you in the right direction.

Please look through our Packaging Gallery – and be inspired!



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“White Tiger” – What is that?

White Tiger is the brand name Print Craft uses in the Media Packaging market. Print Craft acquired White
Tiger in 2011 and combined we are the 3rd largest Media Packaging company in North America, the 2nd largest in the United States.

Our CD, DVD and LP packaging offerings are second to none, and the volume of business we create on a daily basis at our plants across the USA translates into fast turns, competitive prices and a quality level we stand behind with every turn of the press cylinders.

Our goal is to help our customers grow with their customers. With an eye to that kind of growth, please look through our White Tiger media packaging gallery.


Our Craft/CAD Design

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At Print Craft we have our own internal CAD design department. Our CAD departments’ sole purpose is to make the physical properties of your project – Commercial Print or Packaging – work better for you and your end users.

Our goals match our customers’ goals: reduce the impact to our environment; make it function faster; make it more appealing on the shelf; drive brand differentiation. Peruse the CAD Design Gallery to see how a project comes to life from a white sheet of paper, to a final package full of life!


Labels & Flexibles

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As you can see in the “Our Reach” section of our website, Print Craft is a Taylor Company. And because of our packaging expertise, we can also offer hundreds of possibilities for our clients in Labels and Flexible Packaging through our sister company facilities.

Taylor operates several state of the art Label plants around the USA, but for you, Print Craft is a one-stop shop. Our goal is to make it easy for you to use these products to make your overall client offerings wide and deep.

Check out some of the many ways we can make label solutions work for you in the Labels and Flexible Packaging Gallery.



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Where would the world be without specialists and specialties? In our portfolio are just a few of the exciting ways
we can enhance your print project:

  • Foiled and Textured papers and board
  • Specialty UV coatings including:
    • Textures
    • Glitter
    • Raised Profiles
  • “Soft Touch” rubberized-feel coatings
  • 3 glue types for maximizing how your project “Sticks” together




  • Epson Stylus Pro 9900 Inkjet Proofers (G7 Certified)


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Artios CAD
  • Barcode Pro
  • Kodak UpFront
  • Kodak Preps
  • Kodak Prinergy
  • PitStop Pro
  • QuarkXPress


  • Kodak Magnus 800 Platesetter
  • Kodak Trendsetter 800 II Quantum Platesetter
  • Mimaki CAD Flatbed Cutting Plotter


  • 1 28×40 8-color Heidelberg 106 XL Perfector
  • 1 28×40 6-color Heidelberg 105 XL with Aqueous Coater
  • 1 28×40 5-color Heidelberg CD 102 L With Aqueous Coater
  • 1 28×40 2-color Heidelberg 102 Perfector (1/1)
  • 1 23×29 6-color Heidelberg CD w/extended delivery Aqueous Coater
  • UV Flood or Spot Silkscreen Coater (Gloss, Matte, Raised, Textured, Glitter)
  • Press Sign spectral color measuring software for reading LAB
  • Access to 47+ Digital and Offset presses within Taylor Corporation – sheet-fed and web.


  • 3 – 54″ Polar/Mohr 1-EMC Cutter 2 ED Cutters
  • 2 – 20″ x 33″ T-52 Heidelberg Folders with Double Gate Fold
  • 4 – 26″ x 40″ Stahl Folders
  • 1 – 26″ x 40″ Stahl Folders (with in-line fugitive and cold gluing)
  • 1 – Mueller/Martini 6-Pocket Bravo-Plus Stitcher with cover feeder, re-fold option, child-proof stitch
  • 1 – Mueller/Martin 4-Pocket Saddle Stitcher/cover feeder with 3 Hole punch/Loop-Stitching
  • 1 – Heidelberg 270 St 8-pocket Saddle Stitcher with cover feeder
  • 1– Horizon Collator/Stitcher with face trim
  • 3 – 40″ Bobst SP102 Die-cutter/Embossers
  • 3 – Bobst Vision/Fuego Folder/Gluers with Multi-feeders, Hot/Cold/Fugitive Glues, Tape Applicators
  • 1 – 720 Vantage Moll gluer with Multi-feeders, Hot/Cold/Fugitive Glues, Tape Applicators
  • 3 – Mohl Compac Gluers with Multi-Feeders, Hot/Cold/Fugitive Glues, Tape Applicators
  • 1 – Moll 36″ Folder/Gluer, Hot/Cold/Fugitive Glues
  • Label-Aire Label Applicator for packaging applications
  • 2 – Custom Auto-Apply Digipak Tray Machines
  • Hydraulic Paper Drill & Challenge SCM Round Corner Machine
  • 3 – Shrink-Wrappers: Shanklin Sealer, Signature Tunnel & Eastery
  • 2 – Rollem tray card slitter/perf machines
  • 1 – Film Laminator


Please prepare your files as follows to speed your process, prevent corruption and avoid delays due to missing components:

  • Perform a “collect” in your design software which will compile all of the many components of your design file into one folder.
  • Chose a software (such as ZIP (.zip) or Stuffit (.sit) and use it to compress your data folder.
  • Use a folder name that Print Craft will recognize.
  • It is always helpful to include a PDF of the final project with your files, so our Pre-Press staff can check your upload against what was expected.
  • To upload a project into your personal FTP folder at Print Craft, click the “upload project” button below.

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