3 Ways to Drive Meaningful Outcomes

By November 13, 2016 Packaging

Your packaging has a big job to do for you and for your product. After spending so much time, money and effort producing your product, making sure your packaging does its job is key.  In fact, ensuring your packaging does its job is what Print Craft is all about.

Just like any new project at Print Craft, we start by creating shared expectations with our customers.  Knowing those expectations allows us to deliver outcomes that are both expected and meaningful.

1. Start with asking the right questions.
Print Craft’s consultants and product development teams work with you to help identify the right questions.

As an example, our customer, Prevent, invented a head-impact monitor mouth guard.  The mouth guard allows coaches and parents to see the severity of a hit on their phone.  It is a real-time tool for identifying possible concussions and increasing sport safety.  This new extraordinary product needed an innovative and thoughtful packaging design.  Working side by side we learned the expectations Prevent had by asking them the following questions:

  • How can we make the package easy to assemble and eco-friendly?
  • How can we reduce the need for warehouse space to store the packaging?
  • How can we reduce turn times to get this product to market quickly?

2.Work beside a trusted resource.
It’s important to ensure your project is in the hands of experts—and that those expert hands belong to people you can trust.

At Print Craft, we have over 40 years of packaging experience and bring our creativity along side our customers to produce impactful results. This is why customers, like Prevent, trust our team to be their resource for the design and manufacturing of their product’s packaging.

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3. Have your questions answered with your packaging solution.
The right questions have right answers. Make sure the shape and the function of your packaging satisfies all the questions that were addressed when executing step #1. The best way to do this is by asking to view mockups and/or proofs so that you can see your design come to life first-hand.

Our team collaborated with Prevent to craft a beautifully designed 3-piece box that delivered exactly what the job needed:

  • How can we make the packaging easy to assemble and eco-friendly?
    • The entire design easily folds together using no adhesives, which makes it 100% recyclable.
  • How can we reduce the need for warehouse space to store the packaging?
    • Again, the entire design requires no adhesives so it can store flat and takes up less space.
  • How can we reduce turn times to get this product to market quickly?
    • We avoided the need for a separate foam filler and instead created a paper filler to secure the product inside the box. This reduced lead times while still keeping the product safe.

The packaging was designed, printed and shipped in time for the launch of their new product!

“We could not be happier to work with Print Craft on our new product’s packaging! The final design was timely, it solved every problem, and their approach was direct and thoughtful.”
Frank Grazzini III — President and COO of Prevent

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