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By March 24, 2017 Marketing, Packaging

The best marketers are listening, learning, exploring and testing new ways to communicate with their customers and the marketplace. Living in a digital age has made digital marketing the channel of choice, but is it your only choice?

A strategic and compelling digital approach is required today.  That said, how do marketers also leverage what they have learned from the market and test new ways to further differentiate their brands? Through creative and tactile marketing.

Some people see print marketing as those ads you get in the mail that are destined to end up in the trash.  That is one way, but not the only way. Using a bit of creativity is another way to generate an experience with customers and consumers that they can’t resist! Adding that creative edge, investing in the right design and presenting products in ways that are well…fun, fresh and engaging all add value to your brand.

Our customers are paving the path for marketers everywhere by expanding their marketing approach to off-screen solutions. They have taken their market data and chosen to create a new way to make a great impression with print.

Our purpose is to help our customers grow and below are 3 creative ways we’ve helped our customers expand their marketing approach.

1. Media Kit Packaging

Catching the attention of editors, bloggers and brand influencers is no easy task. Public Relations (PR) professionals and marketers are constantly working to catch the eyes of these very busy people. They say you can’t judge a book by its cover but in the world of PR that’s exactly what happens. Imagine getting 1000s of products and kits in the mail every year. Which one(s) would you choose to open and write or blog about? The best looking ones of course! Press kits that showcase your product is what editors gravitate towards. After all, they just want to be “wowed.”

We partner with brands that count on us to help deliver creative packaging that will be impossible to ignore by influencers. Sigma Beauty is an innovative beauty company that has built a social media empire for their brand. They leverage press kits to capture the attention of influencers, celebrities, and editors so they share, use, and talk about Sigma’s products in the digital space. They partnered with us to create a custom media kit package design for their new product the SigMagic™ Brushampoo™. A carefully crafted box was designed to make the product center stage—the star of the show. As you open the package, you lift two magnetic enclosed doors, with premium rolled edges that are filled with inspiring tropical graphics that promote the product’s all natural ingredients. The creative packaging improved the launch of their new product by increasing social media influencer engagement by about 20%. Their PR list was wowed!

2. Interactive Packaging

It’s one thing to see great design, but it’s another thing to experience it. Marketers are seeking new ways to make their products intriguing to consumers. It’s true that great products can sell themselves, but with the competition steep in many markets brands need to differentiate themselves. That’s why interactive design has become a clever way to bring even more value to consumers.

Print Craft partners with brands and design agencies that create experiences for consumers. Think about CD’s and LP’s. Although the ease of music streaming has created challenges for these markets, it also has made great design an even more valuable marketing weapon for musicians. According to Forbes, “vinyl records are projected to sell 40 million units in 2017.” That’s right, in 2017 it’s a normal thing to see a record player in your local coffee shop or even in homes. How can something old school be so cool? Because of designers like Backstage Design Studio. They are known for Grammy-winning CD and LP design. They partnered with us to produce a CD and LP packaging solution for Reckless Kelly’s Sunset Motel album that reflects the 1950’s and 1960’s era – a place to “escape from it all.” However, when you look through the red motel key tag you’ll see paradise… and what lurks beneath it. The incredible graphics of the design are complimented by beautiful craftsmanship. It contains interior pockets and a map that encourages engagement from the moment you set eyes on it. This project was a 2017 Grammy Finalist for Best Recording Package and a winner of the American Packaging Design Awards. There’s a reason design like this is awarded… it’s interactive and captures the curiosity of the consumer. Interactive packaging design is highly sought-after and when done right can draw an unforgettable amount of attention from consumers.

3. Creative Catalogs

College students still hold textbooks, beach-goers still soak in a good page-turner, and magazines still fill mailboxes all over the world. Even large brands like Ikea™ know it. That’s why they created a clever spin on their 2015 catalogue with a campaign called Experience the Power of the Bookbook. Using clever digital language, this campaign highlights all the reasons a printed catalogue is just as useful as a digital catalogue. There is power in holding a book and clever marketers know it. Although catalogues can be perceived as a dated way to sell products, marketers are incorporating print elements that make them easier to use and attractive to consumers so that they keep flipping—page after page.

Our customer Rapala worked with us to print a catalogue that was above and beyond the industry standard. This book had tabs along the side—making it easier to navigate than a website. In addition, the tabs are differentiated with a folded cardstock which help you flip from section to section. It’s a sales tool with a creative twist to make it fun for consumers to browse. A creative catalog like Rapala’s leaves a lasting impression on the consumer and grows their brand recognition in their market.

Adding that creative edge, investing in thoughtful design and presenting products in ways that are well…fun, fresh and engaging all add value to your brand and products. Our customers are paving the path for marketers everywhere by expanding their marketing approach to off-screen solutions.

They are embracing a timeless experience to hook customers with print, with a little help from us—Print Craft. Through craftsmanship, imagination and great care we work beside you to craft printing and packaging solutions that will set you apart in your market.

Connect with us and see how we can help your marketing efforts.  We are very excited to meet you and work with you!

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