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By November 4, 2016 Packaging

When it comes to packaging, both design AND details are everything.

The design of a package carries a tremendous amount of weight on the success of the package. Starting with the end in mind, and working back through a package’s production lifecycle, can assure a smooth and successful outcome and experience.

Our customers need to know and trust in our ability to execute on each and every detail. We hear you and have actually built our business processes around your needs. As Harvey Firestone once said, “Success is the sum of details.”  We agree.

Print Craft’s customer Atlus U.S.A. Inc, is a video game publisher and one of its industry’s most consistent and celebrated companies. They are known for excellence and creativity and expect the same from us.  A recent print and packaging project, the gaming software set Odin Sphere Story Book Edition, was a great example of Atlus’ design and our ability to execute on the following details:

  • Designing and die cutting a box for a perfect fit of not only the components to be inserted inside the box, but also for a sleeve to fit snuggly around the box
  • Conducting high quality color matching across project components and multiple substrates
  • Meticulous manufacturing including: die cutting, folding, gluing, and hard case binding of project components
  • Delivering  all of the pieces simultaneously to hit a release date

design book

With the end in mind, our process began with a detailed project plan to ensure everyone working on the project knew exactly what was required.  Our team was excited and committed to bring craftsmanship and care to each step of the process. Our internal approach leverages the strengths of project management and the production team to ensure the outcome is beautiful. We achieved the excellence Altus expects each and every time we work together—and are humbled by their loyalty.

“Tom and his team have been doing an excellent job on supporting us with the last few titles and I knew that I could count on them to do a great job on this particular project. They were able to produce the outer box, hard cover art book and print within the U.S., which cut down on the production/shipping time tremendously. They were able to work with us to make sure everything was delivered on time without any errors. Everyone has been happy with the outcome of this project and I look forward to working with them again!”  – Atlus Designer

Our goal is to help your business grow. Working alongside you to execute your design and master the details is what we do best. We loved working with Atlus and making their vision come to life. Connect with us—we’d love to do the same with you!

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