3 Design Tips for Your Next Print & Packaging Project

By April 10, 2017 Marketing, Packaging

Design helps customers choose what to buy.  By looking at every print and packaging project with a designer lens, brands can attract customers by focusing their attention on the details: how it looks, how it feels and how it’s made.

Best Buy Gift Card Carrier Packaging

How it looks – catching your customers eye

That moment when you’re walking down the store isle and you see something that catches your eye- it makes you stop and instinctively pick it up.  It isn’t necessarily because you found what you were looking for, it’s because something about that package stood out and caused you to take a second look.

How does your product get customers to take a second look? One way is adding creative finishes and coatings to your print and packaging design. Using spot UV, foil, glitter, embossing, debossing, die-cutting, and soft touch aqueous coating can turn the heads of your customers.

One of Print Craft’s customers, Best Buy, turns heads by using specialty coatings and foil to draw shopper’s attention to their gift card carriers.  Gift cards gave retailers a sales boost in 2016, making every design decision incredibly important.

For the holiday season Best Buy’s design was on trend with “The Yeti Animal”.  Combining both creative illustration and a textured flocking, they designed a carrier with creative graphics and a great feel to drive customer engagement.  On the Best Buy “snowman” carrier, holographic foil accents were added and successfully caught the eye of customers!

Learn more details about how coatings can impact customer engagement in a white paper written by print expert Thomas J. Pietrzak.

Sleep Right Dental Guard Packaging

How it feels – make holding your product an experience

A product catches your eye. You stop and pick up the product. How does it feel? Is the packaging soft? Can you feel the embossing or debossing? Is the paper textured? Does it feel so great that it just belongs in your hands? Experiencing the product enhances a consumer’s willingness to put the product in their cart… or in some cases they just can’t stop touching it.

Our customer, Splintek, found an effective and creative way to take visual design and turn it into an experience.  The toothpaste isle is flashy and highly competitive. Splintek is very knowledgeable of that isle and knew how to make their Sleep Right Mouth Guards stand out.

Splintek uses foil accents and gloss, and as you would imagine, the Sleep Right Mouth Guard packaging is a showstopper. To top off the piece’s smooth finish, embossing with an added UV (ultra violet) coating on top was added to the name “Sleep Right” to give the project a tactile edge amongst its competition. When you pick up the piece your eye immediately goes to the name “Sleep Right” and you can’t help but run your hands across the wording to feel the raised feature.

Intelligent Nutrients Packaging

How it’s made – it matters

How a package is made is a direct reflection on a company’s brand – it represents the business.

When designing your next package, consider your brand values, the core of your business and think about the vibe you want your product to have in the marketplace. Are you selling, for example: high-end makeup, eco-friendly toothpaste, sporting goods, healthy food snacks, an artistic magazine?

An important question to ask is what paper should be used to best reflect your brand while also being cost effective to manufacture.  At Print Craft, we help you navigate your paper options to ensure your brand is perfectly represented and your spending goals are met. As an example, our customer Intelligent Nutrients, has a strong and distinct brand. They create health and beauty products that reflect the core of their business, “Everything we put in & on our bodies must be nutritious and safe.”

Their brand message is carried into each of their marketing projects with help from one of our trusted packaging consultants and the full team along side her. For example, the Intelligent Nutrients new travel skin care kit is not only an all-natural product, but is printed on 100% post-consumer waste paper. In addition, the packaging design uses a muted color pallet and a light texture debossed on the paper to enhance the packaging’s eco-look. For high-end appeal, rolled edges were added to the design. The beautiful packaging is a direct reflection of the Intelligent Nutrients brand and how each package is made.

In the end – it’s about choice

Design influences our product choices. By looking at every project with a designer lens, brands can attract customers by focusing their attention on the details: how it looks, how it feels and how it’s made.

On your next project, we would love to work beside you to help your customers choose you.

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